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A rowdy rock group are accompanied by a film crew to desolate Lake Infinity to produce a music video. One night the musicians visit the local pub while the various members of the film crew satisfy their carnal desires with one another aboard the luxurious houseboat they are all staying in. They are so busy they fail to notice that a rampaging lunatic has snuck aboard the boat, and one by one the various characters are brutally slaughtered in a variety of grisly ways.

Directed by	Kendal Flanagan, Ollie Martin	 Written by	Ollie Martin	 Starring	Alan Dale John Michael Howson Craig Alexander Louise Siversen Gavin Wood Des McKenna Christine Jeston Stephen Whittaker Peppie D'Or and Zlatko Kasumovic	 Release date	1989 Privacy Policy Direct from Distributor  Video Man Entertainment DVD Please see our Ebay stores for full selection of our Titles including Box Sets DVDS of Great TV Shows, Hard to get Audio CDs Books and big range of other products. Booksmagscds Cheapdvdstore Australianmovieandsportdvds Wotknotshop d Order Your Copy Here http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230951735251